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Allianz's center of competence for automotive technology,
repairs research, training and damage prevention

The Allianz Center for Technology (AZT) was established in 1932 as a material test center for investigating technological claims. In 1971 Prof. Max Danner expanded the institute to include a vehicle technology business unit. Since 2007 the business unit has been operating as an independent German limited liability company (GmbH) under the name of AZT Automotive GmbH.

As the research institute for Allianz Deutschland AG, the Allianz Center investigates matters relating to vehicle technology and road safety.

Its objectives include:

  • Contributing to road safety through research, testing and safety campaigns
  • Reducing claims costs in vehicle insurance with the help of damage prevention, improved crash performance, increased ease of repair, as well as and cost-effective repair and calculation procedures




AZT Crash Tests

The crash test standards that nowadays have an impact on insurance rates for new vehicle models in many markets around the world were developed under the auspices of AZT.

They simulate slight and moderate accidents and demonstrate the vehicle's crash performance, geometric compatibility and repair costs. They are called RCAR structure test and RCAR bumper test ( and serve as a benchmark for vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Test results are used as measurable parameters for insurance premium calculation for new launched cars and thus promote repair friendly vehicle design, resulting in lower cost of ownership.

RCAR structure test front at 15km/h. Copyright AZT Automotive GmbH

We are able to test vehicles and their parts in our own in-house crash facility at speeds of up to 50 km/h.

As well as internal tests, we also carry out orders from vehicle manufacturers, Association of German Insurers (GDV), suppliers and safety organizations.

Our YouTube channel.


RCAR bumper test rear at 10km/h. Copyright AZT Automotive GmbH

"In developing crash test standards, the Allianz Center for Technology has a significant influence on the crash performance of modern vehicles at low and medium collision speeds. This helps avoid unnecessary repair costs. Ultimately, this reduces the vehicles' running costs."

Dr. Christoph Lauterwasser,
Managing Director of AZT Automotive GmbH

Damage prevention and road safety

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), every year more than 1.2 million people across the world die in road traffic accidents. As many as 50 million people are injured.

AZT has been supporting the developments in road safety for over 40 years, contributing to greater safety for all road users through research and prevention campaigns.

Current issues are, amongst others:

We work closely with Allianz Deutschland AG Corporate Communications and use different formats, from press releases via the Allianz Auto Day for experts and journalists to special formats like child-friendly DVDs.

Repair research

Repairs costs are responsible for a significant proportion of claims costs incurred in auto insurance. AZT investigates and supervises new developments in paint and bodywork repair with the aim of promoting professional and cost-effective repair solutions.

By repairing real-life vehicle damage, trained REFA experts ( analyze the repair times and material consumption according to established industry standards. Time studies are carried out both at the AZT and at independent external repair shops. The purpose of these tests is to determine the basis for calculating vehicle damage correctly.

The Allianz Center for Technology maintains a range of calculation systems and aids:

  • AZT paint calculation system to determine the cost of painting
  • AZT caravan and motocaravan calculation system
  • Calculation aid for panel beating, plastic repairs and spot repairs

These are available to users via the calculation software offered by many providers in the market. Among others, we cooperate with Audatex, Autovista International AG, DAT and CAB. In particular, the calculation systems are used by experts, repair shops, Allianz companies and other insurers.




The Allianz Center for Technology's paint calculation system

Since its introduction in 1977 the AZT's paint calculation system has become the leading international standard for manufacturer independent calculation of paint jobs. Today it is applied in more than 35 countries worldwide with an increasing tendency.

The materials and methods currently used for repair paint jobs form the basis of the AZT's paint calculation system. New vehicle models are regularly added to the system, and values are updated frequently. New materials and methods are examined, and are taken into account in accordance with their market importance.

The users of the system receive:

  • All necessary information relating to time and expenditure, quickly and simply
  • Calculation values for passenger vehicles, off-road vehicles and transport vehicles included in the system
  • An idea of the amount of time needed to complete the paint repair, in hours
  • The current paint costs for the repair, in appropriate national currency

The AZT's paint calculation system covers more than 4000 vehicle models. More than 10 million paint repair jobs are calculated worldwide with the system per year.




Further information on the paint calculation system

Accident research

An old saying goes: "You learn from your mistakes". In-depth accident studies carried out by the Allianz Center for Technology analyze vehicle damage information in detail. We work closely with scientific institutions (especially the Munich University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule München) and TUM (Technische Universität München)). Our cooperation partners include vehicle manufacturers, automotive suppliers as well as global partners from RCAR (Research Council for Automobile Repairs).

Valuable information about accidents and damages can be obtained with the help of representative random samples collected from insured losses. For example, accident sequences, the frequency of particular types of accidents or prevention potential may be researched. The findings serve the purpose of damage prevention and increased road safety in a variety of ways.

The investigations include, amongst other things:

The results not only influence the product development taking place in Allianz companies, they are also used by vehicle manufacturers in developing vehicles and optimizing driver assistance systems.

The results also affect new test standards for driver assistance systems through cross-company workgroups and EU projects (e.g.



Technical training and transfer of expertise

As Allianz's global center of competence for vehicle technology and damage prevention, the Allianz Center for Technology has had an international network ever since it has been established. Experts acquire leading know-how in the globalized automotive technology market through international exchange with vehicle manufacturers and research institutions as well as international partnerships.

The development that has taken place in motor vehicle insurance claims shows that as the result of the technological progress, technical issues and problems that Allianz experts have to deal with on a day-to-day basis have changed substantially and will continue doing so. New materials, drive concepts and increasing digitalization of vehicles require detailed specialist knowledge. This must be continually updated and evaluated in respect of potential consequences for insurance claims and products.

International Allianz experts have established close links to the research taking place in the Allianz Center for Technology by means of regular exchanges at events and as part of the Train the Trainer programs. This way, the most recent findings from AZT crash tests, the results of case studies on repair methods and information on automotive technology and electronics obtained through collaborating with the automotive industry continuously have an impact on claims assessment.

"Close coordination between the Allianz Center for Technology and experts from the automotive industry provides the guarantee that claims are processed in a way that is technically competent and fulfills the requirements of modern automotive technology."

Rüdiger Hackhausen, Head of the Claims sub-division of Allianz Versicherungs-AG / Managing Director of AZT Automotive GmbH


The Allianz Center for Technology is a founding member of the Research Council for Automobile Repairs (RCAR). RCAR is a global association of insurance research centers that is dedicated to improving vehicle safety, damageability, repairability and security. At present, 24 centers in 19 countries across five continents are RCAR members (


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