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competence center of the Allianz for automotive technology


Topics at the Allianz Center for Technology

Delivery Condition of Plastic Spare Parts AZT Paint Calculation: Paint Stages for Plastic Parts as a Function of the Respective Spare Part’s Delivery Condition. Read More
Protection potential of current vehicle seats Is the risk of suffering a whiplash in a rear-end collision higher today than in the past? Read More
8th Allianz Motor Day Digital Live „Cyber Risks in the Connected Car Eco System“ At the 8th edition of the Allianz Motor Day, experts from the automotive industry, science, public authorities and Allianz discussed cyber... Read More

"As the competence center of the Allianz for automotive technology, we see it as our central task to recognize innovations in the automotive sector at an early stage and to investigate their effects on road safety in general and on motor insurance. To this end, we work together with experts from the automotive and repair industries, the scientific community and insurance to develop solutions for."


Dr. Christoph Lauterwasser, Managing Director AZT Automotive GmbH